The Future of the European Union: Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe

The Future of the European Union Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe
Eszter Kovats (ed.)

Table of Contents

Preface: The need for feminist and East-Central European reform
perspectives for the EU | Eszter Kováts
Who is for sale? Challenging the commodification of gender equality in the European Union | Anikó Gregor
From women through gender to unconscious bias: changing terminology about gender equality in the EU | Andrea Pető
Reproductive rights as a social justice issue in the EU | Elena Zacharenko
Finding space for Romani women within the EU | Edit Szénássy
Reconsidering the identity approach of the EU LGBT+ architecture from a feminist perspective | György Mészáros
The dream of a common European asylum and migration policy from the perspective of women’s rights in East-Central Europe | Csilla Malomvölgyi
East-Central European feminist activism in the context of uneven development in the EU, and ways to move forward | Emília Barna, Gergely Csányi, Ágnes Gagyi and Tamás Gerőcs
Global structural inequalities and responsibility for global justice: a feminist contribution | Zuzana Uhde
The future of the European Union’s economy — Inspirations and challenges | Zofia Łapniewska
Epilogue: Something not even the fence can stop | Kata Tüttő