Sport implies two different perspectives that are increasingly considered at EU level: professional sport and sport as a leisure activity. In both cases, sport represents a large and fast-growing sector of the economy and makes an important contribution to growth and jobs. Sport encourages social interaction, which is important for both young and old, women and men, and promotes physical and mental health. It can also foster education, communication, negotiation skills and leadership, vital for women’s empowerment.

EIGE Sports fact sheetFact sheet by EIGE presents some of the key barriers preventing gender equality in decision-making in sports organisations, as well as obstacles to equal participation in sports and coaching, often due to gender stereotypes. Initiatives at the EU and national level to increase equality in sports are highlighted, along with EIGE’s new tools, the online Gender Mainstreaming Platform and Gender Statistics Database, which can assist the integration of a gender perspective in sports policies and programmes.

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