Within each subject, the books on shelves are organized according to the name of the author or the first letters in the title. Every book (record) on shelves has a shelf mark marking it’s placement. For instance, “Gender trouble : feminism and the subversion of identity” by Judith Butler has a shelf mark H/BUT, letter H meaning feminist philosophy and BUT three first letters of the author.


Subject list / library index

A1   References
A2   Reports
A3   Statistics
B1   Feminist Literature
B2   Linguistics & Semiotics
C1   Bibliography & Autobiography
C2   Fiction, Prose, Poetry & Drama
D1   Women’s Studies Readers
D2   Feminist Theory & Research
D3   Men & Masculinity
E1   Women’s History
E2   Women’s Movements
F1   Sociology
F2   Anthropology
G     Religion & Mythology
H     Feminist Philosophy
I       Cultural Studies
J1    Art & Architecture
J2    Cinema & Popular Music
J3    Infotechnology
J4    Media & Current Affairs
K1   Political Science
K2   Law
K3   Peace Studies
L1   Economy & Business
L2   Career & Leadership
L3   Work
M1   Women in the Academy
M2   Education & Pedagogy
N   Science & Technology
O1   Violence Against Women
O2   Incest & Child Abuse
O3   Pornography & Prostitution
O4   Criminality & Social Problems
P      Psychoanalyses
P1    Psychology
P11 Jungian psychology
P2   Self-help
Q1   Health & Medicine
Q2   Fertility & Reproduction
Q3   Abortion & Miscarriage
Q4   Menopause & Aging
Q5   Eating Discorders
R1   Gay & Lesbian Studies
R2   Sexuality & Sexual Politics
S     Family & Parenthood
T1   Environment & Ecology
T2   Sports & Leisure Time
U     Race & Ethnicity
V1   The Baltic States
V2   Russia (Former Soviet Union)
V3   Europe
V4   The United States of America
V5   Africa, Asia & Australia
W    Gender studies
Y     Journals


BAK Bachlor thesis
MAG Master’s thesis
DOK Doctoral thesis