July 3-6 – Estonian experts conducted trainings in Batumi

The project “In defence of Children and Women in Autonomous Republic of Adjara – uniting the knowledge and experience of Estonia and Georgia.
At the beginning of July, Estonian experts visited Batumi and trained Adjara Police, Border Guard officials, social workers, psychologists, and representatives of NGOs in the ongoing development co-operation project.
ENUT chairperson Reet Laja spoke about gender equality, the role of women in the debate on important issues for society and the problems of violence in the school.

Raul Heido, an expert on crimes against children, introduced Estonian laws on child and domestic violence and the whole chain of criminal proceedings.
Eda Mölder, psychotherapist and the board member of NGO Eluliin, added some case studies and carried out teamwork looking for solutions to violent incidents.
Estonian experts visited the mother and children’s shelter which offers services to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Sophia Bakuridze, head of the NGO For Each Other, evaluated the training as extremely useful and informative which strengthened the participants’ skills in advising victims. The Georgian side was very interested in the idea of creating a special interrogation room for children in the premises of the police and get acquainted with the pilot projects of non-violent schools in Estonia.