ENUT introducing mentoring in Ukraine

“Advocacy for internally displaced persons in Ukraine and improving their (especially womens) prospects on the job market“ is a development coordination project that has trained organizations dealing with the internally displaced persons (IDPs) to operate more efficiently. In addition to that we have shared knowledge on how to start a business, how to build a business strategy and how to consciously direct a career. Mentoring program, where selected mentors are guiding, supporting and counseling the mentees is helping to embed and apply the new knowledge for their development.

Watch ENUT experts Reet Laja and Andres Paling speaking about the mentoring in the Ukrainian TV talk show “Us” and Reet Laja in the morning show in Kropõvnõtskõi:


The project includes three districts most populated by the internally displaced: Lviv, Zaporižžja and Kropõvnõtskõi. Project is funded by: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Funds.