The Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre (Estonian acronym ENUT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of equality between women and men as a basic human right, and the promotion of general welfare in all spheres of society.



ENUT’s vision is a civil society, based on equality between women and men, in which ENUT has an essential role in vouchsafing equality in the public sector, and in the activities pursued in public interest by associations and the private sector.  ENUT’s role is to be the gender sensitive information source, the centre of competence, and the promoter of gender equality in Estonia.


In its public role, ENUT is:
■ an independent gender studies competence centre offering gender sensitive analyses and research to the media, governmental agencies, institutions of higher learning, and others
■ an opinion leader on gender issues in the media
■ an initiator of discussions and adviser to organizations in its sphere of competence
■ an organizer and developer of networks for organizations, experts, researchers
■ a partner to governmental, educational and business organizations, and to NGOs

In its organizational role, ENUT provides:
■ relevant information to its members and other interested parties
■ gender centred activities and training to its members
■ an opportunity to participate in different domestic and international projects


Strategic activities for 2015-2018:

1. Continue to serve as an information centre (including the library and newsletter) and develop it further into a modern information centre
2. Continue to publish the academic gender studies journal Ariadne Lõng (Ariadne’s Clew)
3. Advance gender studies and research in institutions of high learning and other educational institutions
4. Gender mainstreaming, including collaboration with relevant governmental agencies
5. Develop gender studies know-how and vocabulary in cooperation with experts in the field
6. Cooperation with women’s organizations and other NGOs, expanding network (NGOs, women entrepreneurs) and participation in partners’ (Network of Estonian Non-profit Organizations (NENO), Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable, Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, human rights organizations etc) activities
7. Cooperation with Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA), Estonian Service Industry Association, responsible entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and other networks, and bigger inclusion of business sector into our activities
8. International cooperation with organizations in the European Union, the United Nations and developing countries
9. Conduction of policy analysis and presentation to respective target groups as well as to wider public
10. Use of social media to introduce our analysis and activities
11. Continual inclusion of volunteers into activities in ENUT.


Priorities for 2016:

  1. Further development of a modern information centre
  2. Conduction of political analysis, reaching target groups and wider public audience (on themes such as the new welfare plan, the elderly, internal security etc)
  3. International (development) cooperation with the European Union, UN member countries and countries from the developing world
  4. Promoting gender studies and research in higher education and other educational institutions
  5. Gender equality in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
  6. Wider use of social media to present our analysis and activity