Terms and Conditions for Using the Library

  • The library is open to everybody.
    Upon presentation of a passport or other form of I.D., one can register to be a borrower. After signing the agreement for the use of the library, the borrower receives a library card, which allows her/him to take out books.
  • Registration is renewed at the beginning of each year.
  • A book can be borrowed for one month. Journals and books for which there exists great demand, can be borrowed for shorter periods. After the specified time, the book has to be either returned or the borrowing time renewed. The latter can be done over the telephone 6409 173.
  • The fine for overdue books is 5 cents per book per day.
    An identical volume, or a volume of same value must replace a lost or a damaged book, or the cost of replacement reimbursed to the library. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions can result in temporary or permanent loss of ENUT library privileges.

Borrowing and Returning of Books

  • You can select your book from the open shelves or from the electronic catalogue.
    The books are shelved according to subject. A complete subject list in Estonian and English appears attached to each shelf.
  • Within each subject, the books are organized according to the name of the author or the first letter in the title.
  • In the event that the book you want is on loan, you can sign up for it.
  • Journals and reference books cannot be taken out.
  • Books are returned to the librarian. In order to use the copier, please ask the librarian for permission.
  • Blue plastic envelopes mark the spaces where a book is temporarily out.
  • A book can be located in the electronic database by using a keyword, such as the name of the author, the title.
  • When taking out a book, enter the name of the author, the title, the location on the borrowing slip. Complete the form by adding your full name, residence, telephone number, e-mail address and your signature.

Should you have any questions or you wish to become a reader of ENUT’s library, please turn to our librarian.

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